Life Goals & Estate Planning

Client Centered

Insightful and thorough planning is required to bring you the confidence that can help you lead a richer and more satisfying life. When we help you identify what matter most to you, unexpressed dreams and aspirations are often revealed and then incorporated into the planning process. Besides these goals, we will discuss your estate planning and review your will and/or trust documents.

Proper Estate Planning ensures that you have executed the appropriate documents whether it’s a Will or Trust along with a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy. Comprehensive Estate Planning will give confidence, knowing that your wishes are in writing and will be carried out by someone whom you have personally designated whether it be an executor/executrix and /or trustee. We will work together as a team with your Estate Planning Attorney, as I do not give tax or legal advice.

Estate Planning for your family is a reflection of what you deem most important and will instill your values and ethics down to your children and grandchildren. You may want to designate charitable organizations whose causes and missions you’ve embraced and hold dear to your heart or you may want to consider establishing a Family Foundation and appoint some family members as trustees.

Twombly Wealth Management Group, LLC Financial Consultants can help you increase the amount of free time you so richly deserve. By working with us now, we can help you identify, prioritize and implement all the necessary steps which you deem important for your financial future. Knowing that you have implemented these steps, then you can pursue your passions whether it’s playing golf or spending more time with your grandchildren.

Twombly Wealth Management Group, LLC and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.